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How can I make a fire proof hiding safe for cash - the size of a toilet paper tube.? Answered

I have some cash that I want to keep in my house - emergency fund - but I worry about two things - theft & fire. Any ideas of something that won't burn up in a house fire that small? What usually survives house fires?


How about finding a waterproof container and burying your cash outside? Not only would it be immune to a house fire but most thieves look inside your house for stuff to steal not outside in the yard.

how about the bank ?

You need insulating castable refractory (IRC) material which is easy to make from perlite (expanded limestone; garden store) and furnace cement (various temp grades; hardware store).  Outer shell: can with a press-on lid.  Like a holiday snack food can.  Lightly ram the insulation with a mold to keep a void open in the center, the size of the can or bottle that contains your valuables.  Cure & dry.  At the end, cover with loose perlite and press the outer can's lid on.


Put in in a zip lock bag and stuff it into an empty milk jug. Fill with water and freeze. It'll keep you from dipping into it unless you really need it.

acctually i like this idea cus then you would have to cut the jug AND melt the ice no burgler would think of it either

somthing not evryone can do (but if you can it works good) is if you have a dirt floor basement take a can of soup or somthing, put the money in it and bury it in the floor and pack it tight


9 years ago

Put it in a non clear freezer bag and shove it down to the bottom of your freezer. Fridges and freezers generally survive fires. As for theft, make sure it looks like something you would keep in the freezer so as to keep thieves from recognizing it as your rainy day money...:)

Aerogel? Awefully expensive though...

The freezer is a good idea. Sticking it in between a stack of tortillas and freezing the whole thing would hide it pretty well.

Thanks - I thought of the freezer - but I didn't know it would survive the fire - Thanks I will give it a go

As for something that small I doubt much will work well. Unless as was mentioned the Fridge....or maybe the back of the toilet, just be sure to attach it properly. You can fireproof a metal box with sheetrock, that should burn for a while. My friend used to build gunsafes and that was the main fireproofing.