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How can I make a fireworks fuse without having to buy all those rare chemicals? Answered

I have been looking around over all of the internet for a simple and good way to make a fireworks fuse. And I have found nothing. Nothing at all. I live in Sweden where we don't have as much material that you in America could find in regular Groscerystores, which sucks. The best supplies I can find here is regular salpeter (which is now in a process of crystalisation), matches and lighters.
This is not enough, that is where the fuse breaks in. I've been using worthless hours of work to try and find out how you could make a fuse of ragular matches or even salpeter and sugar. But all this gluing and taping, it's just not worth it! So if somebody has an answer for my question, then please answer it; How can I make the fuse with matches, string and so on..?


If you just want a cheap and easy way, just take a length of duct tape and drag a thin line of black powder down one side. Then roll it into a fuse. Not the most professional way, but I use it and it works.


8 years ago

Of course there is no substitute for fuse ....at times. You cann switch up your ignition and use model rocket igniton. Its worked for me.

Soak a length of string in a strong solution of saltpetre. Let it dry.

When you light the end, it should burn quite well at a reasonable speed to let you get clear.