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How can I make a good Ball tower when I'm using grey and yellow rods for the structure? Answered

Im designing a ball tower to post on instructables. The only problem is that I'm having trouble making it look nice using a grey and yellow rod sized support tower.Anybody have tips?


Ah, I keep forgetting I wanted to build something on that kind of frame.

Putting that aside, you can actually have a potential advantage with yellow rods, particularly if you're using several BBF elements.  A lot of those things are built on a white/yellow/gray rod scale, so you can easily connect them to the frame.

Hope I made my directions clear enough; it's hard when you don't have a picture to show.

You can make a good knex ball machine by making it structure by structure. By keep on adding on towers. The best way to make it well sturdy is to have a bow shape. And a good piece structure! That basically means having a good base!

You mean vertical or horizontally placed red rods for supports?

Yes and the width would be gray/red rods. One support would be a green x green x gray, or red x red x yellow, or any of those combinations. I did the math and there is a total of 4096 combinations if you only use green/red rods and gray/yellow rods. lol

I'm making one right now and I used a green/red rod box with a gray/yellow rod for the width. To strengthen the sides, I put a gray rod in the middle of the green/red rod box. When making ball tower, try to keep it clean and make sure you build your features on the tower and then connect them together with paths. Here is a great instructable for ball machine elements and here is an instructable on how to make a ball machine in general.