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How can I make a guy I've been having casual sex with want me to be more than just a f*** buddy? Answered


i was looking at this cuz im going through the same thing..his name is casey and i really like him we have sex but at school and in public he acts like he dont know me..and i feel wired
so i wrote him a note and im telling him i dont wanna have sex no more cuz i want you more then that im in love with you


9 years ago

come have me! Ill do better than that tard you call a boyfr

yes please...wait are you hot?

this is not good advice but if you get pregnant and have a kid then he will by default become more than a f buddy, forever.but i doubt this is what either of you want.

it really depends on what kind of guy he is.for most but not all just go to a public place with him and try to get him to get the feel fr you emotionally,try talking to him about what he likes,relate it to something you like and end the date with a kiss not a f***

Try asking him out on dates with no chance of sex, and plenty of chances to get to know each other mentally and emotionally - a quiet meal with plenty of time to talk between courses, a trip to a museum or gallery. Avoid the usual "make out" venues like cinemas and clubs.

Make it clear that there is more to your relationship than the purely physical. Dress plainly. At the end of the date, when it gets to the come up for a "coffee" moment, simply thank him for a lovely evening, give him a peck on the cheek and close the door.

so you're the one who's been talking to the girls and screwing me over!!!!!. just kidding. but yeah good answer. I'm with kiteman

I'm all for honesty. I've seen that the beginnings of these things start out with mutual understanding that it's just casual sex. You both enter into it knowing this. If something changes, however, it's best to get it out in the open and assess things from there. If it doesn't work out after the honesty bit, then that's that. It was a good run, but the relationship no longer met the needs of both parties (which is a big part of making something work). But to answer your question... Go through all the steps that it would take to get someone to be in a relationship with you. If the sex is already outside the bounds of any courting process, then things aren't so different. Baby steps at first to test the water, and if things go south then you know it's not gonna happen. If you start going on full dates before the sex, then you should be able to gauge how he's reacting. If it seems like he just wants to get through the date for the sex, then it may take more work. If it seems more like he enjoys the hanging out time, then it's probably moving more towards a relationship.