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How can I make a homebrew EEPROM programmer? Answered

Hi everyone!  I have some EEPROMS I would like to burn (27C512, 27C256, 24C256).  I have a Parallax Propeller, a Z80, a 6502, and an Arduino Uno to help me make an EEPROM burner.  I know that EEPROM burners run $40+ commercially (even on EBAY!), so I would like to try building my own at home.  I have an abundant supply of 74XXXX chips at home, as well as a good supply of capacitors and resistors.  

I don't have a Parallel Port on my computer, but I have a USB port as well as an RS232 to USB converter.  I'm running Windows XP and Ubuntu - Lucid Lynx 10.04, so if I need a specific OS to burn these EEPROMS, I have Windows and Linux.

I need an EEPROM burner that could  erase/burn the 27CXXX EEPROMS/EPROMS/PROMS.  I know through using the Propeller that I can write to the 24C256 through the Propeller, but could someone please help me in building a homebrew EEPROM burner?


The old Intel 8052AH-BASIC included code to burn EPROMS (you have EPROMS NOT EEPROMS) The hardware consisted of a "high voltage" (OK, 12v) switch and a smalll relay if I remember right.

Writing code to burn Intel Hex is dead easy.

"Burning" means programming, not clearing - that's always called "erasing"


Would it be possible to use an Arduino Uno to burn the EPROMS? I'm thinking of using an external power jack to provide the 12 V, but using the Uno to switch the relay on and off?

It is.... AND this way is easier : http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=163682.0


2 years ago

very good .

Have you looked at the Bus Pirate from DangerousPrototypes.com

It's open source so you could build it yourself or just buy one already assembled.

I think they sell the bare PCBs as well.

Hmm that's interesting! I saw several posts about the Bus Pirate, but I never knew what it was! Thanks for the info!


7 years ago

so can you speak Zilog or Intel Z80 code and Mot 6502 code ?

Haha... I wish! I only know really basic Z80 Assembly from programming a TI-84 in assembly (TI-83/84 runs a Z80)

That question brings back memories of my first real work experience where I was given the task of designing a 2708 / 2716 programmer interfacing to a Commodore PET computer via the IEEE-488 port.  That was around 1980.