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How can I make a lifesize head that folds flat for transport? Answered

I want to make a life size head or skull which folds flat for transporting but is 3-d for displaying goggles, helmet etc at steampunk show and tells. Any ideas? Has anyone ever tried to make home made inflatables ? If so, what materials and how to make the seams?



you could use a phlat ball and just add a nose, mouth, ears, etc.


If you were to have a metal outline of a head shape Faceless so it has a uniform profile, you could then rivet the outlines at the top and bottom, and have it kind of fan out into a 3D shape.

You could take one of those solid foam head forms for wigs or hat display and cut them into pieces. Use velcro tabs on the corresponding parts to pull it apart for storage and put back together for display. You could also do cardboard, thin plywood, masonite slotted pieces that fit together to form the outline of a head but would not look realistic. Good luck.