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How can I make a light, durrible sculpture that can be hung on a wall? Answered

I want to make a sculpt someting for my wall around 10' x 3'. I want it to be large, so I need something lightweight. I want it to have nooks with little shelves so it needs to be strong and not flake. I also would like something that would not easily deteriorate. I don't mind putting planks or something under the sculpted matterial. I was also thinking I might cover it with plaster or someting to prevent flaking but i'm worried that might make it too heavy. Anyone know anything about this?



7 years ago

Papier-mache over a chicken wire and wood armature. Screw the armature to the studs and paint or clearcoat the papier mache.

If you are inquiring about a material to use, you could try some type of foam. There are types of polystyrene "styrofoam" that are used for insulating houses. This type of foam is more dense and doesn't crumble into little pieces like the type used in packing material.

If the sculpture itself has to support weight (you said that their would be nooks and shelves within it, but I can't quite visualize what they would all involve) then you might need to be careful. I wouldn't expect the foam to support very heavy weight, but if the stuff to be placed in the nooks and shelves is small, it could work.

Remember, people mount bookshelves and large-screen TVs to walls. If you use the right hardware, and mount directly to a stud rather than to the plaster, you can hang a considerable amount of weight; using multiple support points could further improve that. And of course if the sculpture reaches the floor, you can design it so it carries most of its own weight and the wall connections are just to keep it from falling over.