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How can I make a lightbulb? Answered

How can I make a lightbulb?



Mmm... YouTube...


Blow a glass bulg.

Insert a tungsten filament and lead wires.

Vacuum out the air or fill with argon etc.

Seal the bottom and "light it up".

"Blow a glass bulg."

You sound angry. lol :)

No, not at all. I just didn't check my typing very well.

Better to fill with argon at some non-trivial pressure. Under vacuum, the filament is more likely to sublimate.

Or helium, I like his reasoning.

You could do this using a lab beaker, rubber stopper etc.

Do you just want to experiment, need a special light bulb or imagine you can save a load by making your own.

Youtube has several videos of how they are made.