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How can I make a miniature mummy freak-show display? Answered

I want to be able to carve a monster out of a material that will shrink and shrivels somehow. Is there a technique to do such a thing? I have heard of the shriveled apple faces. Anyone think that would work (carving a monster out of an apple and drying it)?

Does anyone know of other techniques that result in a convincingly decayed-looking freak?

like this:



Best Answer 8 years ago

You need a plastic skeleton the right size.  Wrap it in toilet paper soaked in laundry starch.  work it in to get the muted details on the joints, ribs and face.  Let it dry. use poster paint to get the color right.  You might want to spray it with mat acrylic when you've got it the way you want it to make it more durable.

That sounds like a really good idea!