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How can I make a mirrored mosaic outside without the mirror clouding? Answered

I'm making gate post finials to look like disco balls (they won't revolve though, mores the pity ;-)  

Is it possible to use mirrored glass outside without the silver backing clouding up and disintegrating?  I could use polished steel mosaics but I can't find any in the UK.

Many thanks guys!



Thank you both! I had looked into the acrylic alternative but thought it would be too thin to set into the concrete. Plus, I'd have to cut all the little shapes out as it's only sold in sheets :-)

Maybe I should stick the pieces directly to the concrete base with frost proof glue and then grout it in? Will let you know what works!

Yep, Mirrored plastic is the answer and choose your glue carefully a water based acrylic glue or set in cement will be better.

Modern methods of silvering the glass are much more weather resistant then they where 100 years ago. Have you looked into mirrored acrylic sheets?