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How can I make a no bake cake or brownie mix for the new "Cool Baker" cake maker that my daughter got for Christmas? Answered

The new toy that my daughter got is the new Cool baker cake and brownie mixer and it comes with a brownie and cake mix with icing and sprinkles.  I was looking up the price of the replacement mixes and they are so very very expensive, I know that there has to be some way to make these refrigerator baking mixes at home with simple ingredients.  I am not very good at baking, so I know someone out there has figured out how to make these mixes at home and not pay 5.99 for tiny replacement baking kit.




I just made up a brownie recipe using the ingredient list today. It came out pretty good. The square brownie is the mix, the circle is my recipe, and the glass bowl is the mix icing and the plastic bowl is mine. I used a scale, so the recipe is in grams. Sorry if that's a pain. I'll probably do the cupcakes soon.

Brownies: 15g sugar, 10g cocoa, 8g flour, 5g gelatin, 5g vanilla pudding mix, 2g baking soda, pinch of salt, 2 big spoons of warm water.

Icing: 18g powdered sugar, 7g cocoa, 4g vegetable oil


Just found an image for the Cool Baker(r) Donut Maker Refill,


It turns out those were both part of this article,


I dunno. Sugar. Wheat Gluten. Corn Starch. Those are the first three in both those mixes. The sodium bicarbonate (also called baking soda) is kind of curious, because sometimes sodium bicarbonate is used with an acid to produce leavening, like in baking powder,



So these ingredients are combined and then refrigerated or placed outside in a winters night to produce a desert ? ! ??

Yeah. I just watched one of their ad videos. The colors in this vid are a little overwhemling. Too many pinks and pastels. At 0m13s the voice-over that says, "You bake 'em in the fridge!", and I'm seeing something that looks like heart-shaped muffins, rising out of a pink plastic muffin tin, er, plastic mold.

Here's the Youtube link (watch?v=s-c8bgu2lak)

Makes me wonder what kind of chemical / physical action is activated by 15 min in a cooler, unless the reaction is exothermic and could self immolate ie catch on fire....

Having looked at the ingredients - Go with my link to a mouse recipe!! No "cake" should have shellac (a kid of varnish) or Carnuba wax in it.


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What do these cakes/brownies taste like? What kind of texture do they have? Looking at the product, I shudder to think about what makes a cake like 'thing' with no cooking. Presumably you add water to the packet, stir and chill? Does the water have to be hot?

Check out the no bake pumpkin cheesecake on this site

I was taught that raw flour isn't OK to eat. So the mix must have something starchy that is pre-cooked or pre-processed in some way. Possibilities that come to mind: crushed cookies, crushed graham crackers, crushed no-cook cereals (corn flakes, puffed rice etc).

I don't have much experience with 'instant - no cook' foods, but I do know instant pudding thickens at room temperature. Mixed with cookie crumbs and chilled in tiny molds, it might do the job. (Of course anything small and sweet with frosting on top is going to please most kids)

If the packets of mix take boiling water, something like "finger food jello" might be the 'glue' that holds the crumbs together.

Crushed cookies plus instant pudding is where I would start.

it is not mousse that it makes, it is a no bake batter. I have googled, not finding there.


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I have googled but I'm not coming up with any answers. I thought if I posted here someone may have already come up with an answer or could send me to the right place.