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How can I make a parachute out of home made objects and that doesn't cost to much. Answered

I am really bored and I have a pretty high up porch. Is there anyway I can make a parachute out of home made objects that won't cost to much and will actually work?



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(If you want to die, make a noose instead.)

You'd be better off with a fan-descender maybe?

(sorry but I had a hard time finding a good link: http://www.powerfan.co.uk/FAQ.aspx)


Thanks, I'll try that. I think I might try a tarp.

Parachutes only work when they're inflated - you have to fall a certain distance before they "activate". I strongly advise that you lug something about the same weight as yourself up there to test this before you do. Also learn and practice how to land.
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I wonder if you can make a emergency parachute out of a large or several tarps

say you have a paracord belt,bracelet or what ever and your on a cargo plane its going down and they have a large tarp or a bunch of tarps can you tie the paracord and make a jump to save your life.

if you were asking me I would take a tarp supposably 50 by 50 long cut it in half so you have 20 by 50 parachute or tarp by another small tarp cut it into equal sections about 10 equal length and then divide your 20 by 50 tarp into 10 equal length and then take a sewing machine put in some high strength windproof thread then so you're 10 pieces lengthwise so you divide your 20 feet by 10 so you would have 2 so every two feet you would have A the bar section and then take your other half of your tarp put it over top and so itto the other half so basically to you have 20 feet by 50 feet then your 10 cross-section bars and then your other 20 by 50 tarp on top of it and then take ice drinks polymer cordand thentake yer you loops and attach them to both sides and then take your high polymer cord and attach it to both ends equalizer to be aboutconceit 10 feet to the center then take a belt I'm dressed take the two fronts and attach them to the front of the belt and then take her to back and attach them to the back of the belt and then I would tested on a hill and then all of it would only cost about $10 15 maybe at the max and you can all get this from your local Home Hardware and yes

I jumped off a one story building with a tent tarp and wasn't hurt a bit, but i was only 10yr. old and 80lb. at the time.

that calculation you did using a square parachute only applies to square parachutes that have already opened at 40 ft. A tarp will spill air differently than a square parachute, and even if it was open it wouldn't work immediately. There is no way that you can tie a rope to four corners of a tarp and jump off anything and not get hurt

No. It won't work. You'll be in the hospital or morgue shortly after. You need very light and strong material that is also fairly dense for the fabric. Nothing I can think of in the house besides maybe a tarpaulin will suffice in an emergency... BUT... Parachutes need time to unfold, so unless your porch happens to be near the top of a skyscraper, it's not going to work.

go to home depot and buy a 200 sq ft tarp and tie some nylon string on the edges and BEFORE u test it hav a weight tied 2 it test it if it works then jump but dnt blam me 4 being in the hospital if u dont land properly

you should try to run down a hill and perhaps it will fold out and this is also the safest way to do this.

Wait!!! If you just try "jumping off of your roof with a tarp", I guarantee you it will do little to soften your landing. Actually, I also am trying to make a parachute (which is why I found this page), and let me warn you a bit before you jump off a roof with a tarp. Here are several things to look out for. #1: Even a four or five story building probably isn't high enough for the parachute to unfold. #2: Your parachute would need about 200 square feet of surface area to slow you down enough. The tarp I had in my garage (a tent tarp) was just over 100 square feet, and it looked pretty big when it was all fanned out! In addition, you have to make sure that your ropes (tying you to the tarp) are at the ideal length. Too short, and your tarp won't be able to fill up with air fully. Too long, and you have unnecessary weight at the corners, pulling in the corners and edges, which will result in less surface area than ideal. Basically what I'm saying is this. Figure everything out mathematically before you jump off anything higher than what you could normally jump off of. Plus it's always a good idea to test it with a weight before you jump. Probably the safest way to use a homemade parachute is to go to a cliff no higher than 40 feet that has deep water at the bottom. This way, it's plenty high enough for you to enjoy the decent, and if you mess up it's not that dangerous anyways.

If you want to kill yourself, I advise you keep going on this.


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myth busters found that a 4x8 sheet of ply board would slow one down to the point of serous injury .... you are better off trying to make the tarp into some kind of trampoline or safety net

Of course jumping off a roof using a tarp is going to result in a very hard landing, but I was curious exactly how hard. So I tried a calculator designed for model rockets and input the following data:

  • 120 pounds
  • Square parachute, 8ft width
  • Parachute opens at 40 ft

  • The weight hits the ground in less than 1 second
  • It is travelling 30 MPH on impact
  • 30 MPH is like falling from 30 ft instead of 40ft

The calculator then helpfully recommends that if you want you model rocket to have some chance of survival, it should be at least 26 feet across.

The problem with this calculation is that people are much bigger than most model rockets. People-sized flat parachutes have the unfortunate tendency to tip over and spill out all their air.

So, if one is jumping off a two-story building it is probably safer to do so without a parachute and just focus on landing without breaking anything important, like your neck. If you do it right or the ground is soft enough, you probably won't die.

Ah. So if the 'parachute' didn't tip over, you might have a few more tenths of a second to ponder going splat.

I think your plans to wire up a model house with a lighting system are a much better plan. I'll leave some suggestions over on that Question.