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How can I make a physical randomized trigger? Answered

There is a board game called "Pie Face" that uses a randomized trigger to release a hand that has whipped cream on it- which splats into your face.  So the trigger cant be so strong that it breaks your nose, but fast enough to hit ones face before their reflexes dodge it. 

I would love to get my hands on one of these to figure out how the mechanism works, but the game is unreasonably expensive.  Anybody have any ideas?


When you pull the lever it either is lined up with a slot in a disk to allow the hand to trigger or it's not. The lever pull also pulls a spring loaded tooth gear. So when the lever is released it springs back and the tooth gear engages the disk spinning it making it read for the next pull. The disk is only allowed to spin in one direction. The tooth gear needs to be able to slide over the gearing on the disk as the lever is pulled but catch when it's released. It will take some playing around but you can figure it out.

Start here:


When you pull up on the lever the top doesn't spin. Push down it and spins. SO you can get this and open it up see how that works. Flip it upside down. So when you push down it doesn't move and have a spring set to pull it back up setting it spinning. Now if the lever has a spring loaded finger on it. If it doesn't match up with a hole in the disk the finger just gets pushed up. if it does match up with the hole then it is able to hit a release button to release the spring loaded hand. Release the lever and the top spins again. That should be a good start for you.

mpilchfamily- Thank you very much. I am going to order one of those tops and take a look. It would seem that the parts of the top may even work for what I am trying to do here! Thanks!

Thank you rickharris! I knew this had to be out there somewhere!


Google Patents is great for this kind of thing