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How can I make a piezo-kinetic igniter? Answered

i want to build a mini potato cannon and i do not have any pre-made igniters that i can use for it. I wanted to make a piezo-kinetic igniter like the ones used in electric lighters. is there any link (or video preferably) with instructions on how to do this? I also want to know if you have to refill the gas chamber thingy after every shot of the potato cannon.


buy one of these ligthers, remove the metal cover. you'll find two wires which are mounted in a pice. remove the piece and the wires, put them inside the cannon and pull the trigger. it will generate a spark and ignite.


To be truthful your far better off finding a lighter that uses one and taking it apart - The mechanics are complex and by the time you buy the bits it will cost more than finding one. they are commonplace if you look around.

there are other ways to ignite your spud gun. A spark gap and battery for example.