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How can I make a pottery wheel? Answered

Does anyone know how to make a pottery wheel that will center about 50lbs? I would need to be able to control the speed and it would need to be powerful enough to move 50lbs while I work on it. Thanks for any ideas you might have


A pump bucket, I'll try hacking one soon and put up the instructable.

take an old buckett with a wheel,sowing machine pedal,lots of bolts and nuts,sowing machine moder.try differint things, test, and find some type of lid thing for the wheel.

I remember a conversation I had with someone about turning a sewing machine into a pottery wheel. What you would have to do is get a sewing machine and remove the motor and the motor controller (pedal). because the motor will spin too fast you would need to out a small belt wheel on the motor and a big wheel on the surface you use to shape the clay. The belt is a good safty feature because it will spin on the wheel if you put too much force on the clay. With this you can control the speed and it will act much like a regular pottery wheel. You could even get a wooden platter used as serving dishes (seen them a Ikea) as the wheel part. The frame can be made of 2x4s and there you have it. Its a little complicated, so it might not be the right thing, but that's just my two cents.

mabye use a tough drill motor and use pulse width modulation?