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How can I make a power supply for cold cathode lights that would normally go into a computer power supply? Answered

I'm looking to put some cold cathode tubes behind my flat screen LCD tv and my computer LCD. I was going to pick up the Dioder lights at IKEA until I saw they were $50 for a set of 4!!! Any ideas? Is there an instructable that I missed? Thanks all.


This is awesome! Just what I was looking for. I looked at some other more complicated ways of putting together an LED lighting strip but this seems to be the solution. Thanks!

Your welcome.... now click the best answer button next to my name.... lol

inverter from emergency lighting. go to trash yard and look for fluorescent light fixtures with extra module and pack of nicd batteries in them / electrical exit signs. get the module out and wire directly to the ccfl and power supply (instead of battery). give it lower voltage than the battery was. dont wire it to ac power (it should think there is power outage to light) inverter from flash camera (usually is quite dim). needs resistor to not overheat