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How can I make a simple LCD (Calculator screen)? Just one(two) pane(s) of glass that goes black.? Answered

Nothing fancy, mustn't show numbers or letters. Just go on and off (Black and clear)




Best Answer 10 years ago

That's pretty tough actually. A LCD screen for a calculator contains small crystals suspended in a fluid. The crystals are round, one half is clear and the other is black. The screen energizes the area on which the number is to be displayed. This changes the polarity of the crystal, causing it to flip over, showing the black side and making the number appear. I'm not sure if it would be feasible for someone to build one of these themselves, since the materials and tools required are not readily available to a DIY'er.


10 years ago

I was worried about this. I don't want to make a screen, so-to-say, I only want to make the whole pane go black. I got the idea from a key-ring which were being handed out. It uses a small solar panel and some kind of a timer which switches the power on and off. This makes it "flash" the print behind it.