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How can I make a simple, but good, Assassin's Blade (Assassin's Creed)? Answered

I've been playing Assassin's Creed, and I dig the hidden blade. I've checked the other 'how-to's' on this site, but they are hard to get the materials. The only good blade I made was a pvc tube with a high-powered spring in it, with a knife in it. But I wanna make one that closes and extends without springs, etc. Just a good ol' gravity powered one. But I want it to lock in place when extended/non-extended.



5 years ago

you can make a hidden blade out of a drawer slide, just like many people have done, but in this case since you want a gravity powered one, you can just attach a blade to the drawer slides that have a built in locking mechanism. you don have to go through all the drilling and other things. just attach a blade and maybe spray paint it to make it look nice and pretty

re dir

8 years ago

checkout BFX from indymogul on youtube, or just search gun weasel, and look for the one that says original short film. it doesn't look to pretty,and its meant for a gun prop, but its a starting point