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How can I make a small book in Word? Answered

I'm trying to find a way in Microsoft Word, to make a small pocket sized book.  essentially one that is printed in a way you can fold/cut it and make it work.  I'm looking at like 2"X3".  I've seen one one done, but don't know how.  Any help?


I think I know what you want, but the easiest way would be for me to write out an instructable.

I'll post it tomorrow.

Start a new document
File>Page Setup...
Drop your Margins back to say 1cm - you won't want wider margins on a small book.

Choose two columns and set the column width & spacing to suit you - gives about 3 inch width per column.
Or choose three columns and leave the third column blank, - gives about 2 inch width per column.

You'll then have to arrange your text, print and cut it.