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How can I make a stamp (or casting mold) from a design I made in Illustrator? Answered

I am trying to make an intricate casting mold of an image I designed in Illustrator.  I do not want to carve it and I do have the ability to print a transparency of it.


Yep wax.....If your going to cast it from metal you will have to use wax.

What do you want to cast it in?

If you image is 2D a I suspect then you will need to give it some depth either in reality - sculpting or in a 3d drawing package.

There is software around that can give a 3D impression of a 2D image but the results are nt very deep - perhaps 1 mm or so.

I plan to cast it in brass. I will make a plaster mold of it. I thought that making a rubber stamp and then casting that. I know various photographic processes fairly well and I thought there may be a photosensitive polymer that I could expose with the image.

It all depends how thick you think this should be - You could use the same technology as used to etch printed circuit boards but the image would only be 0.5mm deep or so.

You could get someone with a CNC system to engrave it for you as deep as you want . Lots of engineering companies can do this now as well as a lot of schools.