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How can I make a very simple circuit to make a light flash on, and flash off, On, Off, etc???. Thanks.? Answered


What kind of light? LED / fluorescent lamp / incandescent lamp?
How much power? 1 LED, light for a room or a stadium illumination?
What switching frequency? Hours? Minutes? Seconds? Milliseconds?
How exact should the frequency be?
Are the frequency / the duty cycle fixed or flexible?

Very simple solution: (not meant seriously)
- Get a switch that can handle voltage and current of the lamp.
- Put it in series with the power supply and the light.
- Get a minimal wage labourer and tell him/her to switch the
light on / off / on / off ...

Buy a flashing LED it will do everything for you.

I'd suggest a circuit based on the classic 555 timer IC. There is are numerous projects on this site and elsewhere about that IC and flashing light type applications based on it.