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How can I make an L-shaped shower curtain rod, without drilling any holes in the wall or ceiling? Answered

I'm moving into an apartment that has a bathtub, but no shower, hence no shower curtain. However, there is a handheld shower attachment that could be used to convert it to a shower. But to use it as a shower, I'd prefer to have something to keep water from going everywhere. The tub is in a corner of the bathroom, so I'd need a curved or L-shaped shower rod to fully enclose the bathtub. My landlord won't allow me to make any holes in the walls, so I'm kind of stuck.



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Okay, I'm bored... I love sketchup: I'm gonna model my ideas more often. Makes it so much easier to explain.

shower curtain rod.png

another reply to self - if it is indeed away from the wall as well, theres an eliptical (read: rounded rectangular) 'ring' about the size of the tub that can be mounted above to hold the curtain. They're common in older apartments. Making it freestanding from the floor wouldn't be difficult.

no need in full frame he can just build exactly what you drawn in the image and lean it against the walls

Except if his tub doesnt seal against the wall - then he needs 4-sided coverage of the walls as well.

I was originally thinking that this is what I may have to do. I was curious to see if there was anything else out there, like a kit or something, that would also work. Looks like PVC it is! Nice pic, too.

Have you tried proposing a good-looking permanent improvement to your landlord? (paid for at least partly by you) Sorry man, if you did and have a rediculous landlord.

You could build a cube-version of the rod - where all 3 corners of the 'L' are supported from the ground by a pvc pipe. It wouldn't cost much to build, and would be strong enough for a curtain.

. Great idea. . Since curtains will probably be required to keep water from running between the tub and wall, it would probably be better to go ahead and make it 4-legged. This would also make it free-standing and attaching it to the walls would not be necessary.

Have you got tiles that will take suction-cups, and do you get enough pressue (at height) for the hand-held to work as a shower? (I don't have either...) L