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How can I make an LED flasher with numerous patterns like the SHO-ME LED Flashers? Answered

Here is a direct link to their website of flashers: http://www.able2products.com/update/LED_List_Flashers_v1.htm

They do different types and speeds of patterns. Does anyone know how to create something similar to this?  They're LED flashers to be wired to a 12V vehicle battery for emergency services workers and change patterns with a momentary switch...  Any help is APPRECIATED...


Use an arduino. Job done.


Microcontroller plus relay shield or transistor daughter board for beefy quick flashing (depending on flash rate)...

@author, keep in mind, to fit 'emergency' flashing lights on most vehicles that aren't licensed to have them is illegal. Unless you are using it for off-road (think show-room) use, or you are a tow truck, or actual emergency services, it's probably against the law to ever turn them on in traffic. Every jurisdiction is different, check your laws before proceeding and/or spending a tonne of money on something that will get you in big trouble!

Yea, I'm safe! I do medic and my state allows us to use anything except Blue. Just wanting to do some custom designs for some fire trucks, response apparatus, and private vehicles within confines of the law. Thanks!