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How can I make an LED projector for my ipod, please guide me and send me the circut diagram if possible? Answered


Another option: get a used LCD projector with a burned-out bulb. Put a very bright LED in there instead. I think I saw an Instructible on that. I've heard that some projectors get chucked out or sold very cheap because the replacement bulbs cost more than a new (and smaller and better and brighter) projector. Or, look out for a cheap LCD video display like the PS1, or a car seatback display, or a digital picture frame that has video input. Replace the backlight with an LED array, and add an enclosure and projection lens (magnifying glass, or maybe one scrounged from a scrapped overhead projector or slide projector).

Yes that would also be a great idea. I personally to an LCD computer monitor with a broken backilght, took out the LCD, and put it on top of an overhead projector. It works great at night and you can't beat the price :).

It is possible but it requires some surgery. You need to take the screen out of your ipod, take out the backlight, and put the LCD module in front of a very bright array of LEDs and then put a fresnel lens on top of it, similar to an overhead projector. If you dont want to take apart your Ipod what a lot of people will do is take a slide projector lens, and put their ipod back down. Then get a mirror to reflect the image at a 90 degree angle. Put the slide projector lens to magnify the image. It wont be very bright, but it will be OK at night. You can then mount the whole unit in a box: http://www.popsci.com/diy/article/2008-07/ipod-video-projector