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How can I make an LED proposal ring box power on when open? Answered

Hi all,

I was intrested in placing an LED in a ring box, so that when I open it, it would shine on the ring. I cant figure out how to make it power on when opening and turn off when closed. Does anyone have any suggestions? I thought of maybe using the circuit board from one of those greeting cards but I dont think that would work?

Here is an example of what I'm trying to do: http://www.jna-shop.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=7241


It's just a switch of sorts.
The cards just pull a contact, when opened.
If you get the diagram, a piece of plastic (red) over the hinge, but only tied to one half of the box will do similar - have it separate two metal contacts (blue) when closed.



Thank you but what materials would I use for this?

Cut a thin piece of plastic from a waterbottle. Secure one end to the bottom of box like lemonie shows, the have the upper end slide back and forth under another piece (loop) to hold it in place as it turns on/off your light. Very simple if you look at the greeting cards you can figure it out if in doubt.

Stiff paper and a weak spring, just like those greeting cards you can buy !

Reed switch and a magnet!

Use a micro switch that is pressed by the lid while it is down and not pressed when the lid is open. It has to be a SPST/NC (that is single pole, single throw, normally closed [i.e. it will open when pressed]) or SPDT (that is single pole, double throw - so one half is closed when pressed the other when not pressed) You might like something like this:
(Just the first thing I found on the internet, you can get something much cheaper somewhere else, 3 bucks is kind of ridiculous)
The trick is that the lid will press on the switch when closed and the switch opens, so the LED is off while the lid is down (switch pressed -> open) and on when the lid is opened (switch not pressed -> closed)
Of course, you can construct something yourself as lemonie wrote.