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How can I make an adjustable flashing strobe LED? Answered

I need to make an LED that will flash at different speeds depending on the position of a sliding switch. I am going to make a miniature movie projector and I need to set up an LED to flash at a specific frames per second. A diagram would be awesome!


That's an easy one. You need a timer circuit using a 555. Google 555 circuits and you'll find lots.

do you think I will be able to get these parts at radio shack?

I think you can get all of the parts at RS. I think you are going to have to have some way to the strobe to sync with the film. Movie proj. have a mechanical shutter linked to the gearing that pull the film. That way the shutter opens at just the right instant when the frame is in the right position. It would be easy to make something like that in your transport mechanism. In that case it wouldn't be a timer just an off and on switch. If your transport is really stable then you might get a timed flash to work. It too would have to be very stable and slightly adjustable so you can match them together at the start. Anyway - Good luck.

I just had an idea! I'm making a movie projector so i could just make a non adjustable strobe light and sync the motor in the projector with the light instead...

Is it easier to build a non adjustable strobe?