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How can I make an electronic lock? Answered

Hi guys, I'm new on this forum and I apologize in advance if I put this topic in the wrong place or anything like that.

I've got access to a lot of electronic components (my uncle from Switzerland gave them to me) and so far I've made a few simple robots, LED lamps and stuff like that. Amateur stuff only.

Now I've came across these guys *check the pics below* and I was wondering, maybe I can make an electronic lock from them?
I apologize if this is a "noob" question or anything, I'm just curious about what could I do with them.

Is it possible to make an combination lock with them and what else do I need beside this?

P.S. I've also found this card reader, maybe I could make it of good use?


The display looks like a Hitachi based 16 character wide display. Can't tell from the pictures if it's a 1 or 2 row. But they are easy to interface with a micro controller. If you go with the Arduino. The Arduino forums and main page have tutorials for connecting that type of LCD and the keypad up to the arduino.

I think it's 2 rows, but not sure. Where could I get the Arduino, EBay? I've been looking into buying one for a long time now, I just might take that advice. :) Thanks!

Don't go though ebay. You never know if your getting a genuine Arduino or some knock off that may not even work. You should be able to find another online retailer that will deliver to you or if your in the US you can stop by any radio shack and pick one up.

You would still need something for the "brains" of the electronic lock. Usually there is some microprocessor to interface with all of the parts - keypad for input, LCD display - assuming you can find out the drivers and wiring it needs, cards to use for your card reader and if you have the drivers and datasheet to wire that up, and your electronic locking mechanism.

Yeah, I've thought so, but didn't know what type of "brains" to get... I think I'll try to get the Arduino because it's useful in more ways and there are a lot of tuts online for it. Anyways, thanks for the answer. :)