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How can I make an exercise/yoga matt out of household objects? Answered

i like to exercise but ohhhh does the scratchy carpet and hard floor hurt!!! And I really don't want to spend the crazy amount of money they charge for something so simple. Can anyone give my ideas of what i could use to put together an exercise mat with just some junk lying around the house? (it doesn't have to be pretty lol)


A not so bad and expensive idea is to use some sort of
polyethylene foam construction thermal isolation material about 2$ m2 price covered with some textile.

The simplest thing I could think if is to take an old sheet and fold it to the required size then stitch together. To pad it out more you could insert a bath or beach towel between the sheet. Stitching could be machine or simply large stitches around the outer edge and/or in a simple grid across the mat. I suppose even sticky hemming tape could be used, no sewing necessary. Good luck with this.

That... just... might work!!! Thanks!!!

layers open sleepbag carpet 1 inch of bubble wrap and packaging materials (try to make as even as possible by stretching and tiling large pieces) floor bed covers etc can be substituted for the sleepbag or packaging materials