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How can I make an inexpensive fake giant lollipop like in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Answered

I need to know how to make an inexpensive fake giant lollipops for a party I am having where the kids have to walk with Dora the Explorer through several different places on her map; one of which is a "Lollipop Forest" to get to the pinata.


Use a coloured rope rolled into a wheel and jab through with a sharp-sanded dowel :)

You can get at the craft shop floral foam disks or maybe find styrofoam disks and just stick in a dowel or stiff cardboard tube. If you had to, just cut out two cardboard disks, take a strip of cardboard to go around the outside like a wheel, glue or use paper tape. You can add additional walls/stiffener ridges inside the wheel. Paint away. Prime the foam with some latex primer so it doesn't soak up a lot of paint. Hopefully the paint will not react with the foam because it is not solvent/oil based. Good luck.