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How can I make exploding cupcakes? Answered

this is for my halloween costume this year (i won't say what it is until i finish it and put up an instructable of my own, haha!) i had two ideas for explosive tasty confections: either using little firecrackers as candles, or putting some type of exploding pellet or capsule inside the cupcakes that would explode on impact. a friend told me about something that may or may not contain mercury, or i suppose it could have been magnesium since it's so flammable...it comes in little spheres/pellets/capsules that probably contain some of the same ingredients as flash powder, only in a more concentrated form. if such a thing exists, i would just bake cupcakes and squish the capsules into the bottoms of the cupcakes. i'm open to any other ideas. help please!


Kilt Y

8 years ago

this is the BEST question I've ever read! 

Sounds pretty epic, Id put firecrackers in them, just dont cook with the gunpowder charges in the pastry.

i think this may be what i'll have to settle for if i can't come up with anything. i'll just have to get really good at timing the fuse length/throw. or i could always leave them and sneak away to startle passerby. _;

Exploding cupcakes? ? ? . . . 8D Totally Awesome!