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How can I make glass electrically conductor? Answered

I would like to build a cell of graezel but I need a support electrically conductor and transparent that can resists at 400 C° Can anyone help me? Thank you Alessio


(That isn't what I found under Gratzel / Graetzel).
What you want to know is how to produce or obtain the glass which is coated with tin oxide? I would suggest that you contact them at that site (see bottom of that page for details), they'll surely have the best answer?


I'd like to how to produce or obtain the glass which is coated with tin oxide. I had tried to steaming some grams of tin 60/40 (60%Sn 40%Pb) on a glass using microwave but glass remained insulating : (

That doesn't sound too good (metal + microwave). Seriously, e-mail the website (e-mail address at the very bottom) and ask them if they could help - they will know how they did it. L

Aye but it didn't give you what you wanted, and it's 40% lead. L

Knox geliatine with a little salt is a conductor. I am not sure how hard you can make it. Perhaps baking salted finger jello hard gelatine might solidify it harder. Anyways, a non-salted gelitine filling inside a sealed solar panal would vacuum pack it like and strenghten the glass on top of it too.

Is this kinda what you want?
You laminate it between layers of glass. I haven't tried it though.

Maybe a conductive glaze? I understand that green glass contains iron, but im not sure which form. Perhaps sillicon doped with iron fillings, or similar? -PKT


9 years ago

glass is not a conductor, but if you put a thin coat of something conductive ontop of it, it should work...