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How can I make money quick? Answered

I really want to make money. It's spring when I don't rely on my parents to buy me birthday presents or friends. I don't rely on my orchard to bear fruit so I can sell them. I am just a teenager and my days here in Claifornia are just too frustrating. I live in the country. Yes, I can work for my dad to earn 2 dollars an hour, but everyday is 80-95 degrees. What else can I do to earn money?



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do some chores without being told and see if u and ur parents can make a thing on how much money to make.then when u have atleast 400 go somewhere and buy something.ur welcome.

can u pick mine as the best answer.i mean its better than kitemans(no offense)

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Make paper ninja stars adn thngs of the sort i have made 250 so far at school

HAHAHHA! My pricipal has band the school for ninja stars becuase someone got hurt. I've sold Teck Decks at school and at the skate park in my area, but have only made 7 at school and 12 at the skate park. I didn't get much luck on either of them. Good thing my apples are coming in, I'll at least 100(s) from that. :)

Quick? Win it, or rob a bank.

Reliably? Carry on as you are, but do it for more people.


7 years ago

Did you ever think about changing the time you work outside. Maybe early in the morning before the heat starts and late in the evening when things have cooled down. You could even try and do some things at night, like watering. You don't have to work in the hottest part of the day. Be flexible.

Well, he wants me to mow the 2 acres we have (ugh)! And in the morning, the grass is wet and the mower clogs a lot on wet grass. And at night, every body would complain about the noise at night.

-Get a different mower, our old pushmower has a giant side-discharge chute that doesn't clog even when that one guy made me mow his 18" grass down to 2.5" when it's raining, at least he paid well. Point is, sharpen your blades/tune the engine/make your mower cut better.

-Wear a hat.

-You said you're in the country, if someone's whining about a push mower at 7:30 they need to suck it up.

Sorry if that comes across as mean, I'm feeling a bit grouchy...

Lil Larry,

What will happen to your dad's investment if his family does not work the land?

I realize you're twelve and working in 90 degree heat isn't all that fun, but it's a heck of a lot better than not working at all.

I wish my dad had been a farmer. We've been sold a bill of goods regarding college and urban life.

If I were you, I'd try to think of ways to make the operation more efficient and self-sufficient. It's your dad's legacy and will either be in your hands one day or be sold off to a mega farm or some foreign speculator firm if you don't help it to succeed.

You might want to review past Answers entries asking how a kid can make money. A lot of good discussion has already taken place, and trying to repeat it all would be inefficient (and, let's face it, not very entertaining for us).

Have you tried government contracts? Selling pretty much anything to the government (e.g ammunition, vaccines, toilet paper, etc) can be very lucrative.

This article gives a good overview of the process:

Although it might not be as quick and easy as you wanted. There's a lot of reading and learning involved, with regards to understanding the intricacies of the bidding process. Also a lot of work to be done building and maintaining a list of suppliers you can trust, and you earning their trust too.

Actually, it might be easier to just work for your dad. Plus you've probably got an "in" there since you're his son.

Sorry, I'm just twelve. Yes I want ot work for my dad, but he's mostly telling me to work outside when it's too hot to work. So I don't know.

There is no way to make easy money. You have to use the skills you have to generate income. Generally this involves doing a service at younger ages (service industry, foodservice, etc), deliveries, etc.

The harder you work, the more money you make. You have to plant your own orchard if you want it to generate income for you.

I agree, physical labour sucks. Particularly on a hot day - but if you don't have mad programming skills, or consultant experience, or management qualities, you're gonna be hard pressed to find people just willing to give you money. This leads me to an important point: Education. Educated people don't just tend to get better work/beter pay. They DO get better work and better pay.

Furthermore, money won't make you happy, but it will keep you alive. What you need to do is find something you LOVE doing, and then find a way to monetize that ability/skill/activity.

Good luck, work hard!