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How can I make my game windowed? Answered

I downloaded AssaultCube thinking it was similar to any other FPS game and like every other one it is a full screen. It is a pretty good game but I would like to know if I can somehow make it in a window. This is annoying on my games so if maybe I want to search something I have to Ctrl+Esc and wait for it to respond and do whatever I needed to do. So I just want to know if there is a way to do this and how. :)



Best Answer 5 years ago

Here are a number of options:
Like mpilchfamily says you can use alt+tab to switch to a different window, just make sure you have another window open before you start the game .
Some programs won't allow alt+tab in which case you can try the windows key which will bring up the task bar and start menu and take focus off of the open window (in this case, the game). From there you can select a different window.
Use Steam. Even if a game isn't available through Steam you can add non-Steam games to your library and launch them from Steam. This should enable the Steam overlay which runs behind the game. Then you can access the overlay with a couple of commands (shift+tab is default I believe, I rebound the keys awhile ago so I don't remember for sure). In side the over lay you should be able access a built in web browser. Just be aware that the game keeps running in the background usually so make sure you're on a pause menu.
If all else fails you can try forcing windowed mode. Right click on the shortcut you use to launch the game. In the "Target" field put quotation marks around the existing text and add -w to the end (e.g. "C:\program files\game folder\assaultcube.exe" -w). This should force windowed mode but it could cause your system to run slow.

If there is no in game option then your stuck with full screen. But you can always Alt+Tab out of the game and back to the desktop or an other open window. Just hold down ALT and press tab to get a menu with the open apps on your PC. Keep holding alt and press tab to cursor through the available apps. When you hit the one you want release the alt key and the game will minimize and that window will com up.