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How can I make my husband a cheap, durable wedding band? Answered

He is a big guy, and wears a size 18 or so. NOBODY makes those except for superbowl players, and we do not have that kind of money! So far I've been thinking of using metal pipes and stuff, but I haven't gotten past the research phase. Does anyone have other ideas? I have a dremel if that helps.


oh, I forgot to mention using half dollars instead of nickels. That should be close to the size you need, and you could still stretch it using something similar to the jewels tool (like an appropriately sized punch) if you needed to.

Mine was a stainless-steel nut. The threads were bored out and the outer surface was ground to form a rounded shape (just like a traditional man's ring).

My wife bought me a ceramic band. It has proven extraordinarily durable. I believe the price was less than $90.00. Alternatively, carve it out of a nice hardwood, and seal it with superglue. This results in a very durable finish.

Going to take a HUGE coin! My size 15 thumb is bigger than a quarter... Go to a real jeweler (or jewelry student ; ) ) and have one made to size. Leave me a message and I can figure out a price or work backwards from your budget. To make one yourself you could use some heavy silver wire, twist it into a jump ring and solder the ends closed (preferably with silver solder). I'll look at making an instructable if I have time this weekend.

Other option include making (casting) one from pewter. Get something newer made of pewter to avoid the lead thing. Tin, 'silver', or lead free solder could be used instead of pewter-all of them are alloys of tin. There is an instructable on using hardware fittings, but you are limited to what size is available at the hardware store. Copper tends to be soft and turns skin green quickly, a layer of solder would help for a while... There's an instructable for a twisted silver wire ring, a little fancy and, um, floral for a guy, but ... You could drill or cut a hole in a thick sheet of aluminum, or cast an aluminum ring-more difficult than the pewter, but possible... Plastic tends to be to brittle, and mostly looks tacky, but maybe a ring sculpted out of Plumber's Putty or JB Weld? Would need to be kind of thick and so might be a bit uncomfortable. You might be able to find a plastic bottle who's neck is the right diameter (not likely, but possible). Probably not the look you're going for : ? Odd idea, but if you had a stainless steel tube or socket that was the right size, you could cut off a ring-sized bit... Watch the width of the band. A narrow band is going to get lost on a finger that big-probably want something in the 5 to 8 mm range. Anything thicker than 1.5 or 2 mm gets uncomfortable to wear for long unless there is a big gap between your fingers.

use a 50 cent piece.

You could try weaving one, make a braid from the wire of your choice. You could carve it from a block of just about anything.