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How can I make my milk last longer? Answered

I enjoy a nice bowl of cereal now and again, but I don't particularly enjoy it when my milk goes *plop* into my bowl. After about a week, or even a couple of days after opening, if I have not drank it all, it smells a bit funny and I get leery.

Mind you I don't fool around with products that state the date on which you might expire.

My real question is this: Should I just buy quart size instead of half gallon size jugs as to make it last, or should I just hold cereal parties in my dorm to polish off the bugger in one go?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Make the fridge colder Buy UHT Buy quart sizes. Parties usually run better on alcohol... L

I have the same problem and when the milk is still good but a day or two past the sell by date, I heat it with a little sugar to about 168 for a minute or so then put it in a clean mason jar, seal it well and cool it as fast as i can. I don't know how long it will last as I usually finish it within 7 to 10 more days.

1 tablespoon colloidal silver per gallon milk keeps milk fresh for much longer.

Milk only has a little range in which its good. It only last about a week once opened. If you get it too cold and freeze it, then its going to separate and look yucky. Too warm and it goes bad quicker. You need to buy the little quart containers and polish them off first instead of trying to save 40 cents and buying a bigger container. UHT (ultra high temperature) milk has a burnt taste to it and most people dont like it. Its also technically sterile until opened. Also the cool thing about milk is that the spoilage organisms develop quicker than the pathogenic organisms do. So as long as you toss it when it gets funky you wont get sick regardless of what the expiration date says.

Pasteurised, homogenised milk freezes just fine and doesn't separate. Steve

As well as all the others, try one of the several brands of filtered milk available now - they have a significantly longer fridge-life.

UHT / Long Life "milk"? NEVER! Foul, demon-spawned muck.

You wouldn't touch stuff that had been skimmed in anyway and only make butties with butter then? L

I'll get away with semi-skimmed, and you're right about the butter, but I wouldn't paint an outhouse with UHT!

As I said to sean technology has advanced sine Pasteur and possibly since you last drunk UHT? (it's not that bad) Can you still get raw green-top these days?
I can't find a clip of Harry Enfield's "beer / paint confusion" ("well that would explain these crippling stomach-pains and this disappointingly wishy-washy undercoat, thanks!") but it seems his B&W stuff is amongst the most popular...


"Green" is unpasteurised? Hard to find if you don't know a dairyman.

However, we stayed in a cottage on a dairy farm in the summer, and the owners supplied it fresh from the cow.


Yea, it used to be filled totally to the top (exclusion of air I presume) with ~an inch of cream, the bottle noting that the herd was accredited with being free from Brucellosis (which the web tells me is also known as Bang's disease, Gibraltar fever, Malta fever, Maltese fever, Mediterranean fever, rock fever, or undulant fever)

Nice stuff though, as you are aware.



8 years ago

A properly set refridgerator should be between36-40°, if your's if warmer than that by just a couple degrees it will shorten the shelf life of your milk. Never drink from the carton as bacteria from your mouth gets into the milk and grows into something plopable. I don't drink much milk so I resigned long ago to just keep small quantities on hand. Like a 12 oz Milk Chug. Costco has UHT milk that keeps for weeks at room temperature and is in single serving cartons. Sadly you get 12 chocolate and 12 vanilla. The chocolate is ok if you're putting it on Cocoa Pebbles or Count Chocula, but the vanilla is pretty vile except when used in a White Russian.

Hmm. Never thought about the straight from carton part. And I do believe I will just get smaller portions.

Well not-like less-aggressively-heat-treated milk it may be, but it's better than dries/condensed! Easy to buy over here. The technology has been improved since Pasteur, I think it's a quick blast at 130oC, but you could look it up as easily as myself. Web says: "around 1–2 seconds, at a temperature exceeding 135°C" and "UHT milk has a typical shelf life of six to nine months, until opened"


My solution is dry milk powder in bulk (as opposed to packets), reconstiuted as needed. It's a lot better than it used to be, though the results do depend on the water quality. (I find that even if you have good tap water, letting the water sit in the fridge overnight before -- or after -- mixing up a batch yields better-tasting milk.) Check your fridge temperature. (Fridge should be at 40 degrees F, freezer at 0.) Another thing to keep in mind: Low-fat milk generally has a shorter remaining lifespan than the high-test stuff, partly to to the details of how they decide which batches get used to produce what. Yes, you should buy only as much liquid milk as you'll use before it goes bad. May not actually mean more shopping trips depending on how much you're wasting now. Finally: Smell directly from the jug can be misleading. Pour into a glass and sniff that. If you're still not sure, coffee (due to its acidity?) is actually a pretty good test of whether milk is starting to turn; if milk mixes in smoothly as you pour it into the coffee rather than leaving a residue on the surface, the milk hasn't started to curdle yet. Hope you find something useful in that list.

The UHT lasts a long time with no refrigeration, as long as it's unopened. So also a good back-up supply for loss of fridge / supply-chain disruption. L


8 years ago

buy hood milk in the light block bottle it really does last longer and turn the temp down in the fridge

Don't leave it out on the counter while you eat. Pour it and put it back in the ref. now.

I would say dont express until the milk is needed, maybe the day before maybe dont even express at all, and ensure it goes straight to the source.


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Your milk should last a deal longer than it is doing. Psymansays is right; check the temperature of your fridge-there has to be a problem there, (.......you do keep your milk in the fridge don't you??...).

And per Lemonie: UHT milk! Called Long Life milk in Oz. This can be kept for months---until you open it---then store as fresh milk. It's the one I use; I buy bulk boxes of it when it's on discount- and I now much prefer it to fresh.

Above all, check your fridge temperature, and use your milk every day..it is good for you after all!!

I'd set my fridge colder, and, yes, buy smaller size milk. If you have a thermometer, use that to more accurately get your fridge to just above 32 degrees.