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How can I make my own mechanical metronome? Answered

I want an old-fashioned tick-tock mechanical metronome. Sure, I could buy one or make an electronic one, but I want to make it and I want it to be old school. I just can't find any designs that will help me make it easier...


Like orksecurity says, you need a pendulum, but with a movable weight. They tend to be friction-fitted with a spring on a notched shaft. Unlike most clocks they swing vertically though. You need some basic clock-mechanism with a good spring, and the tock noise is make by some kind of (I'm not sure) using the case as a sound-board.
Haven't found a mechanical make yet

A mechanical metronome is just a driven pendulum -- same principle as a clock pendulum. First you need the pendulum, either gravity or spring. Then you need a mechanism which will input just a bit of energy from a spring each time it swings, to keep it going -- look up "escapement mechanism" for a description of how that's typically done. Finally, if you want the thing to be audible rather than just visible, you want to attach some sort of resonator to the escapement or otherwise make sure that each step clicks loudly enough to be heard. As with mechanical clocks, speed is adjusted by moving the pendulum's center of mass closer to or farther from its pivot point. Typically that's done with a sliding weight. You can calculate which positions will produce what beats-per-minute, or you can just build the thing and then calibrate from what it actually does; the latter's certainly going to be easier. Have fun...