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How can I make my own whiskey stones? Answered

The only material I've researched is soapstone.


Here's a link that pretty much explains it all.To get that smoothed edge look, I would just rub the edges on some concrete you care about scuffing up.

Thanks for the link, Anything with Rachael Ray on the page has got to be good. I know of some custom masons and I'll hit them up for some pieces. They shouldn't cost more than a six-pack. I already have some large quartz crystals and will give them a try, too. Thanks Again,

*dont* care about scuffing up.


6 years ago

I have used small pebbles (about 1 inch in diameter) i found in a stream. Not to chill whiskey, (i'm not 21) but for other beverages. I think the pebbles might be some kind of intruded quartz. They where already smooth from natural weathering, but i smoothed them just a little bit more with sandpaper and scrubbed them good with detergent.

Any reasonably non-porous stone (not sandstone, not limestone etc), broken or cut into reasonably-sized pieces will do the job.

The nicest ones I have seen were simply rough-hewn lumps of slate.

If I were to make some now, I would simply pop down to the beach and pick up several hands full of ocean-smoothed flints, give them a major wash-up, and then chuck them in the freezer.

Note that there's no requirement that you carve the stones into ice-cube-like shapes. They'll work just as well if you leave them as pebbles. (Actually, a sphere might be ideal, in terms of volume to surface area ratio.)

The best material and resistant i may suggest you is granite.
Find some pieces and work on then, don`t try to fix them squared, they may be rounded or flat rounded.