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How can I make skin mounted electrodes to use in electrooculograpy? Answered

Electrooculography is a technique where skin mounted electrodes are placed near the eyes to track eye movement. You can look here - http://community.curuxa.org/en/Electrooculograph - for a general idea. Is it possible to make electrodes for this purpose at home?


a bandaid, a thumb tack, and a wire would do it...just need the conductive jelly used on the real ones.

And be careful which way round you mount the tacks...


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6 years ago

And you only need a set of millivolt amplifiers to aim your device.


I have a TENS machine that used 2 types of pad.

1. is a conductive rubber - black so lots of carbon.
2. the other is a copper mesh - This has a stick backing like a plaster.

I would look at soldering a wire to the PIN of a brass drawing pin stuck through a sticking plaster st that you can stick the domed head of the drawing pin onto the face. (NOT the pointy bit!!)

To improve the conductivity you can use a water based conductive jell - I understand this is exactly the same as KY jelly only more expensive.