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How can I make some Aerogel? Answered

I would like to make some Aerogel for a project I am working on. Any ideas?



Bumping an old posting to include a relevant link:


aerogel is in make and something like aerogel.org says to have open source aerogel... make instructions etc...

UziMonkey is right, the link goes to a 10 years old kid producing aerogel, but it's the hydrophilic version and it produces very small amount.

I'm also interested in producing home made aerogel. Let me know if you test and find a solution. I'm in Europe so I might help to get some material.

It takes alot of pressure, heat and obscure methods of production.

There was a post on Hackaday about this. Some useful links in there.

You can make naturally occurring aerogels in various ways, I know in certain conditions the zinc oxide from welding can from an aerogel when cooling quickly though it's probably not very light. Basically it's a material that's like a gel made almost completely of air

It's very expensive, and very rare. You can buy the powdery stuff easy, but small chunks are really expensive. For large chunks, you may need to lease your house.

I don't know how to make it, for I am but a sad chemistry student, and not a chemist, or a NASA scientist. But I have links: