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How can I make speakers on a bicycle Answered

How can I make speakers on a bicycle with 12v but when I ride the bike battery that is recharged from 12v dynamo to do this does anyone have an idea plz help me!!!




7 years ago

Well, if you want to be sacrificial and get a small trailer OR panniers OR one of those basket things on your bike the whole process will be neater and well presented. I would reccomend to get panniers and mount the battery there, hook up a LOWER voltage cell onto the dynamo and a regulation circuit. Only because if you are going slow on your bike, the cell will not charge. Mount a switch box at the bottom of your bike seat and get an amp circuit in the box or on the battery. The battery can be protected with a plastic cover and the box will not need a protective insulator. There is more to explain but it is a bit of common circuitary.


8 years ago

Look over on the right under "Related". There are several there on how to mount speakers on a bike. Google "bike generator" for how to recharge on a bike.