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How can I make steel rust quickly to make movie props? Answered

I want to make things out of steel and then coat them in an oxidizing agent of some sort so that they are covered in surface rust and look really aged.



9 years ago

Put some bleach in a spray bottle and spray onto metal. Test it somewhere inconspicuous first though to make sure you like how it will look.

Look up 'iron patina' and 'gun browning'. Best bet would be to prep the surface with sand blasting or acetone and then a coating of salt and humidity. After you get the patina, go over the high spots with a bit of sandpaper to brighten up and smooth out the wear points and it will look older-deeper crevices build up a different color than the higher surfaces.

just cover them with salt water.

I know that. But i was thinking something a little quicker than months to years. I know fluorine is the most electronegative element and therefore i wasnt sure if a fluoride compound would oxidize the metal quickly or not.

. Flourine does not rust metal, it etches/eats it. FeF3

If you soak steel in salt water it will rust in a day or two.

. Why go to all the trouble? Just use rust colored paints and an airbrush. You've still got a good piece of iron when you're done with the movie. If you need texture, apply "Bondo" or spackle before painting.

I've seen some people say use hydrogen peroxide to speed up the rust. Maybe try weak acids from Coca-cola to vinegar and leave outdoors. Prep the surface with some fine emery cloth to get it roughed up. The other way is with faux painted finishes. Good luck.