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How can I make stuffing? Answered


I love to do amigurumi, but I've noticed that stuffing is very expensive. I'm looking for new way to stuff my amigurumi.

I've already had used:

stuffing soft polyester fibre
mattress and pillow wool
absorbent cotton
balls of old wool (almost run out of these :D)

Any other ideas? I'm looking for a way to make stuffing out of rags.

Thanks :)


Thank you :). Unlukcly in Italy there are not garage sales (I'd be a seller ;D). And I haven't got a dryer, but I'll look for lint in the washing machine. Good idea the old socks. I'm keeping away T-shirt to do crocheted t-shirts rugs. :) But I'll keep in mind all your adivces. Thank you!

You can pick up cheap cushions at garage sales, charity shops etc. Take out the stuffing and re-use. I have also bought unused stuffing at those shops also.