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How can I make the firing pin on the ZKAR not break? Answered

The ZKAR v2 has a darn little habit of breaking my firing pins.  Every 100 shots or so, the part that holds the rubberbands breaks off, and I eventually find out that the gray connectors on the firing pin have split down the middle.  It has already broken one of my balljoints, and it still breaks even though I use duct tape.  

What should I do?



Etape that damn pin up

Get a Leo-Plurodon to fart on it. Its "fart gas" is so thick and gooey that it will solidify around the pin creating a quantum time vortex making an impenetrable layer.

how to make unbelievably strong pin

black rod + ball joint
superglue together
drill hole in both and insert a nail
more superglue
tape with electrical tape (as tight as you can)
slip piece of surgical tubing over top
wrap band around front to renforce and supress impact

if that doesn't work I don't know what will

(short of lathing and grinding a pin out of steel)

I used a ball joint at first, but it broke.  And I want to be able to take the pin apart.

ok so no glue then, If you want the best pin ever just see if you can use metal ie lathe grind and weld one together

Take a k'nex rod (gray or black), with a connector on the back to place your bands (A weak firing pin). Put it in a CNC cutting machine, and use steel. There your go: A perfect firing pin made out of steel!

My best answer would be to use something other than K'NEX for these bits, but I guess that might be a crime of sorts?
I've only posted an answer because I don't think many K'NEX-ers look around here, and if they did you'd have one - Forum topic?


I don't care if it is, any suggestions on what to use?

I'm not exactly sure of the stresses on these bits, but I'm thinking of wood or hacksaw-ed 6" nails.


The stress is 2 bands, and I just want to know how to make the pin last permanently.

Could you see it in wood or steel?


Not really.  Is there a super strong tape that you know of?  Stronger than duct tape?

You can get Sellotape-type-tape with glass-fibres in it, but that wouldn't really suit a small piece - you get the effect on half-inch plus widths. As I'm not too sure what you're dealing with, I'll take a stab at suggesting epoxy-glue and fabric. But if this needs to be flexible I'm out of ideas.


I'll link you to the firing pin: http://i386.photobucket.com/albums/oo306/ZaKnex/DSC01481.jpg

The pin I want to tape up is consisting of an orange connector, then 2 gray connectors sticking up.

Right it'd the back end bit.
I would wrap in thin cloth, coat in epoxy glue, then apply more cloth & epoxy glue in place of the tape you're using.


...... glue + knex = ruined knex! LOL!

The answer is use Etape. *electrical tape*
it works amazingly.

And whaaddya know, the selected answer was ... ETAPE! LOL

I want to be able to take the pin apart when I am done and want to build something else.

-which you can't do if the bits are broken. If you're sacrificing parts, there's not many (more) lost. And you could probably hack the stuff off afterwards.


Make it properly.

First of all, I already took the gun apart a few weeks ago.  Second, I made it EXACTLY as in the instructions.


8 years ago

I have no clue. I can dry-fire for hours with 5 #64's. So..... Idunno. Use hot glue, and stretched out Etape. All I have is electrical tape and mine's fine.

Use electrical tape it has more elasticity, and will bind the pin better but make sure its stretched out really good.  


8 years ago

how many bands are you using??


8 years ago

Either use less bands, or use a rubber band to supress it.

I only have 2 bands on, and I do have a rubberband suppressor on the pin guide.

Use a yellow connector instead of a second gray. It takes all of the force.

use metal repair tape then duct tape it-the repair tape will hold the pieces together like cement, and the duct tape will make it not look like you coated the end of the pin in aluminum foil. yes, the tape really looks like foil. it's pretty much just a strip of the stuff, with a plastic back that's insanely sticky and nearly indestructible compared to duct tape's stickiness. NEVER put it on metal that you want to get it off of. not gonna happen.