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How can I make the horns on my ram skull less dull in color? They're kind of gray/bland...? Answered

I have a ram skull which I found & defleshed. It's pretty incredible - the horns span almost 3 feet. But their sheen is pretty blah. When wet they have a gorgeous rich color - is it possible to make this color come out when dry?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Brush them thoroughly with a stiff bristle brush and clean off any leftover flakes and dust. A can of compressed gas duster for computers and electronic equipment will do quite well for getting into the small crevices and cracks. Give it several light coats of a clear acrylic until you reach the sheen you are looking for. BTW: that would look quite nice hanging on the wall of my home office. lol

That's the route I'd go with. Though I find it quite striking enough as it stands.

spray paint or what lemonie said

For an easy one, you could try a wiping with oil. Petroleum-based like Johnson's Baby Oil. If it don't work you can wash it off, if it does you might think washing it off and applying acrylic lacquer is what you really want. L

Steal someone's manicure kit (or use your own) - animal horn is very simlilar to human nail. Most manicure kits have a "four in one" emery and buffing tool. Use the #1 surface (very fine emery) to smooth down any rough spots, and proceed through #'s 2 & 3. Number four is the final buff coat - that's what makes them shine - so find a movie marathon on TV; sit down with your horns; and buff, buff, buff. Sealing your work with a coat of clear polish is optional.

Spray with clear acrylic. Test a spot in back and see if you like it. It will give them the "wet" look.