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How can I make this camera usable? Answered

I have this tiny camera that I got off of my Blackberry (phone) when I took it apart. It would be so cool to see it work. Oh, it has 22 pins total. I think it might be too small to solder so I'm up for any ideas.  Does anyone know how I can make this the camera usable?



What kind of blackberry?

Just wondering

Anyways, why dont you connect it back to the phone and use it as it was supposed to? Also, do you know how big in megapixels it is?


The phone is broken :( I'm not sure how many megapixels it is, but it's not a lot.


7 years ago

you would need to take it somewhere to get it fixed.ifyou dont have the money than just DIY

In general, the "camera" on a phone is just the CCD (Charge Coupled Device) which captures the image. All the rest of the work is handled by the same processor that manages the phone calls.

If you are _extremely_ lucky, you may be able to figure out who made this set of components, contact them for interface information, hook it up to a microprocessor and write code that will read an image from it. Nothing less is likely to do the job, and getting those specs is unlikely to be easy... and you may have to replicate some of the circuitry from the phone.

Before doing all that work, you might want to consider just getting a cheap USB camera.

Actually, these days, the camera is fully integrated - you tell it to take a picture, it sends a suitable Jpeg out.....

Really? Interesting. In that case reuse may actually be possible, if you can find the specs for interfacing with it -- which means figuring out exactly which camera module you're working with.

I'm sorry, but these pictures are so poor they are worthless.

Phone cameras are a very highly integrated camera on a chip - you need to find a part number, before you can find anything coming out. It certainly won't be a video signal.


Ok, how do I find the part number? There is some writing on the top of the silver part.

You know those numbers you keep mentioning in the image notes?

(Seriously, are they the best shots you could manage?)