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How can I make this kind of instrument? Answered

So when i first saw this video I fell in love with this stuff... so any ideas and schematics? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GogESHWz6U


Have you seen this?  Or investigate "theramin" concepts.

From the musical point of view, it's a simple percussion trigger driving a sampler.

As far as the pickups go -- assuming that he isn't just miming to a preconstructed soundtrack --  I can see many ways to do it for vaying amounts of  money and with varying behavior. The fact that he's calling it Sonar suggests that he *may* be using ultrasonic rangefinders.

First step is to figure out those pickups. That's going to take some experimentation; websearch for proximity sensors and Theremin circuits and so on.

Better solution, if you don't insist on the midair response (which is going to be a pain to set up and tune), is to get a standard MIDI drumkit.