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How can I make this old radio new with an Ipod? Answered

I have a 1930's tabletop radio that is in excellent condition. I also have a 1st generation Iphone.
The iphone has some screen damage but works fine none the less.. I have a shop Im always in and want to turn the old radio into a dock that will dock with the ipod as well as give audio out.

should I pick up a cheap ipod dock radio for the guts? or are there any better ideas?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Probably you can replace the speaker or speakers of the radio and solder the speakers to the right connector for your ipod. You could remove the old electronics to leave ample space for your ipod inside. To keep the "retro" look of your radio replace the cloth that cover the speaker with a similar material and leave the dials and other knobs in. Take lots of pictures, please, and post an Instructable, I would like to see the results of your work.


6 years ago

You MIGHT be able to patch into the old amplifier, but that really would take an expert look at the circuit of it.

Then you keep the classic "valve" sound beloved of the audio purist....