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How can I make use of the REMote lead on my car amplifier to turn on/off other devices? Answered

Hi guys,

My amplifier is running super hot (JBL passively cooled amp) and it always cuts my sound when it overheats.

I've managed to attach a PC fan and it's providing decent cooling for the amp. It currently has to be turned on manually using a rocker switch (wired to the front, underneath my seat) whenever I get into the car.

I know that the remote lead receives a electric signal when my engine is started and that switches on my amplifier and off when the engine's off.

What kind of switch can I get (hopefully off eBay) that will turn the PC fan on and of when it receives the signals from the remote line?

Many thanks!



6 years ago

You'd do better to stop it overheating; too much load / volume.
I.e. get another amp' or turn it down a bit.



6 years ago

Why bother ? Just put a thermal switch on the amplifier, and let it turn on the fan when it gets too hot.