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How can I manually roll up a broken electric car window? Answered


If your motor stopped working and that's your problem, take off the door panel, then take off the casing on the motor in the door, it works the window, and turn the router, Thats only thing that worked for me. one way opens the window one way closes it.


8 years ago

first make sure its the motor and not a bad fuse or switch. Taking a door apart can be complicated (lots of hidden screws and special fasteners) and require special tools so that you dont destroy anything

That's a very good point. Replacing a blown fuse is afar more sensible than taking apart the door and discovering later that it was just a blown fuse in the first place.

The same thing happened to my sisters car if its stuck I don't know, but what we did is one person would be on the inside and one on the outside and we would push our hands on the glass and slowly slide it up

When these guys say take the door apart, the mean remove the internal lining.
This is pretty easy even if you are not really mechanically minded. Just remove all the internal hardware, (levers, armrests etc),and then carefully pull off the lining, which is usually held in place with push-in plastic plugs. Be careful at the top if it fits over the top edge of the door and against the window rubber. A little gentle wiggling and pulling and it should come free.
Once you are there you should see a layer of plastic sheeting stuck to the inside off the door with a sticky sealant. Peel this off and put it aside, as you can just press it back on when you are finished. If it doesn't stick back on, just tape it.
Now you have full access to the door internals.

This is a little vague, but you have not given much detail in your question.
You shouldn't need any special tools if you are careful.

To expound on the previous answers, to remove the panel, you'll need to find the attaching screws, remove them, then careful pry the friction locks free around the panel/door interface. Behind that, you'll probably find a weather seal of some sort, ie, a plasticized paper panel or just a plastic sheet, which you'll also need to remove carefully so as to not damage it.

As these guys have said, generally you have to tear the door apart... however, it's worth mentioning that sometimes it's a power issue and you can pull up on the window while someone pushes the button and you can get them to close (then just not use that window until you have a chance to fix it).

Most of them just have an electric motor attached to the regulator gear shaft. If you pull off the door panel, remove the motor you can attach a window crank handle to the gear shaft and boom, you've fixed your non working electric window. You can reverse the operation if you ever decide to fix your motor.

You Have to oulknthe door apart. It sucks but you can fix the problem. To pull the door off you should only need a basic tool set so don't worry to much.