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How can I mass-produce an image on a small token to pass out for free? Answered

I want to pass out something similar to the old "round tu-its" we got as kids. I was thinking a small wooden disc and the image on it. Screen printing? Wood-burning? I want to make an hand out thousands for my non-profit group.



If you want to wood-burn "thousands", I would suggest making a set of brands: Use a fine-tipped permanent marker to draw your design onto the head of a large bolt. Use a dremel-type tool with a fine grinding bit to cut away the bits that are not part of the design. Make several, and then leave them in the glowing coals of a barbecue. Cut lengths of dowel into slices, then fish a brand out of the coals with a pair of pliers to quickly burn the same image into several slices. When the brand cools too far, drop it back into the coals, and pick out another.

Great but invest in a silicone oven-mitt or glove. Ordinary pliers are going to transfer heat to your hand if you aren't careful. Ouch!

You don't leave the pliers in the coals... (Actually, because the contact area between the flat/ridged pliers and the cylindrical bolt is so small, the heat transfer will probably be very small.)

How permanent? Printed labels might be fastest and easiest. Make a stamp, carved or etched, inked (faster) or heated (slower). You could do a press if the wood is soft or wet enough to take an impression. Mold some, open face molds with air dry clay or resin. They will probably need inking to bring out the message. Have you sourced the wood disks? The roughness of the surface can change which method of printing. If you haven't, you might want to look into professional printing and die-cutting the circles out of cardboard.